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Lotto Results For Saturday 08/04/2017 34 27 22 44 8 9 1 Rollover Number: 4 R22,000,000
Lotto Plus Results For Saturday 08/04/2017 46 1 24 36 14 41 19 Rollover Number: 8 R34,000,000
Powerball Results For Friday 07/04/2017 43 24 34 21 20 20 Rollover Number: 3 R 19,000,000
Powerball Plus Results For Friday 07/04/2017 33 30 23 29 31 20 Rollover Number: 21 R 55,000,000
Todays Date: Tuesday 11/04/2017

At LottoPowerballResult we provide South Africa's Lotto, Lotto Plus, PowerBall and PowerBall Plus lottery results fast and accurately. Some Interesting South African Lotto Facts:
- Launched in March 2000
- 800 + Millionaires to date
-2500 + Lotto Draws Have taken Place
-20 000 individual lotto balls have been drawn
-Thabo Mbeki then president, bought the first ever Lotto ticket
-First Lotto ticket drawn in Langa, Cape Town

Mega Millions Results in Trouble?

How many times have you sat, clutching that white slip with those lucky numbers, watching as that round white ball rises or descends, announcing the mega millions winning numbers. How many times have you daydreamed about how winning the Powerball lottery would improve your circumstances? Well, maybe winning isn't quite the happiness pill you envision. In fact, some past lottery winners might honestly report that their one-in-20 million windfall wasn't the key to utopia. In fact, that winning lottery pill created a lot of heartache and heartburn. Examine the following true stories of those blessed or cursed with winning the lottery and the trouble that ensued.

Take the case of Abraham Shakespeare. October 2006 saw this 42-year old, warming a jail cell due to a $6,000 back child support judgment. About a month after his release, he was working as an assistant truck driver. When his coworker, Michael Ford, stopped at a convenience store in Frostproof, Florida to play the lottery, Shakespeare gave him $2.00 for two quick picks. A week later, Shakespeare would receive a lump sum payment nearing $17 million. Shakespeare, who had led a troubled life prior to his good luck, had worked a variety of jobs including stints as a garbage collector and dishwasher. Now, he had the financial resources to never work a day again . . . and to help others. And help he did. Reportedly, he quickly gave away close to $2 million to family and friends. He plopped down over $1 million for a new home and funded his son's child support fund with another million. But, he soon found himself with too many new friends and a few alienated old ones. His truck driving buddy, sued him. He said he was the one who bought the winning ticket and that Shakespeare had stolen it from his wallet. The courts ruled in Shakespeare's favor. He went through a succession of women; one of whom sued him for $5,000; another sued him for child support. And his troubles with the law continued to plague him. He was stopped five times for various driving violations in 2007. Later, he would meet DeeDee Moore, an aspiring author who told him she wanted to chronicle his life. Shakespeare probably was not aware of Moore's previous legal woes. She had been sentenced to probation for making a false carjacking and rape report in 2001 to collect insurance money. In March 2009, Shakespeare disappeared. Ms. Moore said he had simply run away from all the publicity and outstretched palms. Apparently, he left without most of his winnings; Moore was now in possession of his bank account and his home. She claimed he had sold the latter to her for $600,000. Apparently, Moore concocted a plan to convince family members Shakespeare was relaxing somewhere out of the limelight. She sent text messages from the cell phone he conveniently left behind. She bribed his cousin to send a birthday card to Shakespeare's mother on her birthday. But, when he did not show for Thanksgiving dinner, the family reported him missing. And not unlike a Shakespearean tragedy, nine months after he had disappeared, the $17 million lottery winner's body was found buried, under concrete slabs, in the back of Moore's home. She has been charged with accessory to murder. But she denies any involvement in the murder. However, apparently, a Tampa, Florida jury was not convinced of Moore's innocence. They sentenced her to 25 years without parole for the first degree murder of Shakespeare in January 2013.

After Urooj Khan returned from a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, he vowed to swear off all gambling. However, when Khan, 46, stopped in his neighborhood 7-11 store, he still purchased a scratch-off ticket. Khan, who owned several dry cleaning businesses, scratched off the ticket while he was still in the store and, you guessed it, he won. However, before he could collect his $425K after-tax winnings, he was dead. After coming home, eating his dinner and retiring for the night, Khan had awakened and began to scream in pain. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital on July 20, 2013. Initially, the coroner ruled his death had occurred from natual causes. However, a later phone call from a concerned relative, helped reopen the investigation. After more extensive testing, the coroner decided Khan had succumbed to cyanide poisoning. Cyanide poisoning disrupts the body's ability to utilize oxygen and causes a violent and relatively quick death. Investigations may exhume the body to conduct further tests.

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